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The Law Office of Glenn Kurtzrock

The Law Office of Glenn Kurtzrock

Misdemeanor Lawyer Long Island

Law Office of Glenn Kurtzrock understands your fears. A strongly prepared defense is key to obtaining the best result and a knowledgeable attorney will evaluate all factors in your specific case to determine the best course of action. At Law Office of Glenn Kurtzrock, you will receive one-on-one attention from a skilled defense attorney who truly cares about your future.

Those facing criminal charges in Long Island quickly recognize the significance their cases and the effects the proceedings can have on their lives and those of their families. Consequently, many criminal defendants make the decision early at investigational stages, before arrest to hire a Long Island criminal defense attorney to defend their constitutional rights. Qualified defense attorneys with working knowledge of the Long Island courts, its rules, case law, procedures, prosecutors, and police can prove crucial in securing the best possible outcome for their clients.

Law Office of Glenn Kurtzrock provides personal service to individuals arrested or are under investigation for a crime in the Long Island area. A misdemeanor charge is a serious matter that requires an attorney skilled in Long Island laws and statues. Law Office of Glenn Kurtzrock will keep you informed every step of the legal process and will personally involve you in developing a strategy that suits your criminal defense best.

Law Office of Glenn Kurtzrock is here to represent Long Island clients in their misdemeanor case. Misdemeanor charges require an aggressive and personalized attorney that takes their clients details into account. Call Law Office of Glenn Kurtzrock today to schedule a free consultation at (631) 539-1640.

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