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Domestic Violence Defense Attorney on Long Island

What To Do If You’ve Been Arrested On Long Island For Domestic Violence

There is no crime in New York State called “domestic violence”.  When we talk about domestic violence cases, we’re talking about a range of different crimes that involve family members or people in a relationship with one another.  Theoretically, any crime can be a domestic violence offense, as long as the perpetrator and the alleged victim are related to each other, are dating, or have a child in common.  Typically, the bulk of domestic violence offenses that people are arrested for include Harassment, Assault, and Criminal Contempt.  These three charges can create a vicious cycle where someone can be charged with an Assault and the judge issues an Order of Protection at the arraignment.  An alleged violation of the Order of Protection can occur, and the subject is now charged with Criminal Contempt.  This can occur over and over again.  A good lawyer will help you consolidate multiple related charges, and either have any Orders of Protection removed, or try to get the lowest level possible.

An Order of Protection where family is involved can be particularly difficult, especially if the Order directs the defendant to stay away from the victim.  If they live together, the defendant wouldn’t even be allowed into his own home.  If the judge insists on issuing the Order, a competent lawyer should try to get one which does not bar the defendant from staying in his home.

All criminal charges create stress and tension, but when family members are involved it’s even more difficult.

If you’ve been charged with any type of domestic violence offense, it is imperative that you contact an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately to protect your rights.  A good attorney will try to have you released on your recognizance, or to have bail set in an amount that you can afford.  He will fight the issuance of an Order of Protection and try to keep you in your home.  He will make sure any evidence or confessions which were obtained in violation of your constitutional rights are suppressed and not permitted at trial.

Make sure you immediately contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to discuss your options.  Glenn Kurtzrock has a lot of experience with domestic violence offenses.  He believes there is no such thing as a small case, and he will take your case seriously.

Call for a free initial consultation today so Glenn can start working on your case right away. We can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 631-539-1640, and our website is at KurtzrockLaw.com. Our reasonable rates and payment plans ensure that everyone can get quality and aggressive legal representation.

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