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I chose Glenn because of all the positive reviews that said he was an effective lawyer and patient with his clients, and the reviews were spot on. He was in constant communication with me. He would respond to my calls, texts, and emails within minutes. I highly recommend him.


I came in Glenn’s office completely stressed out,and low&behold Glenn calmed me down ASSURED me that he would handle everything,and that he did.He represented me to the fullest I’m very SATISFIED and highly recommend him.


Glenn did an excellent job representing me. I found him to be professional, knowledgeable and thorough in every detail. Hopefully I will never need an attorney to represent me in another criminal case, but if I did I wouldn’t hesitate to use Glenn again.

Experienced Long Island DWI and DUI Lawyer

If you’ve been charged with DWI or DUI in New York, you need an aggressive lawyer to defend you and protect your rights.  Glenn Kurtzrock will stand by your side and make sure that you have the best representation available.  Call 631-539-1640 any time for an immediate and free consultation.

Driving While Intoxicated (DWI, sometimes referred to as DUI) is a criminal charge that can have serious repercussions.  Depending on several factors including your blood alcohol level, prior criminal history, and the circumstances of your arrest (including whether there was an accident or if there was a child in the car), the charge can either be a misdemeanor or a felony.

In addition to potential criminal penalties, you can also have civil penalties including but not limited to possible suspension or revocation of your driver’s license, as well as forfeiture of your car and increased insurance premiums.

If you were involved in an accident involving death or serious physical injury, the police can force you to give a blood sample to determine your blood alcohol content.  This involves the police contacting a prosecutor who will then call a judge to obtain a warrant to get your blood drawn.  If there are no serious injuries or no accident at all, the police can not force you to give a sample of your blood or your breath to get your blood alcohol content.

If you refuse to submit to a test, however, the DMV will suspend and ultimately revoke your driver’s license, even if the DWI charge is later dismissed.  If you’ve been charged with DWI and refused to submit to a test, you were given a document informing you of your “refusal hearing” at the DMV.  Glenn Kurtzrock will go to this hearing on your behalf and cross-examine the arresting officer to try and help you keep your license.

What To Do If You’ve Been Arrested On Long Island For DWI or DUI

If you’ve been charged with any level of Driving While Intoxicated, it is imperative that you contact an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately to protect your rights.  A good attorney will try to have you released on your recognizance, or to have bail set in an amount that you can afford.  If your license is suspended, he will see if you are eligible for a “hardship license” so you can drive to work and/or school.  He will make sure that any instrument used to test your breath or blood was properly calibrated and determine whether the testing was properly performed.

There is a wide variety of potential punishments for these charges, so the Law Office of Glenn Kurtzrock has assembled a list of possible penalties for you to review.

Make sure you immediately contact an experienced DWI or DUI lawyer to discuss your options.  Glenn Kurtzrock has handled hundreds of these cases, including taking several to trial.  He believes there is no such thing as a small case, and he will take your case seriously.

Call for a free initial consultation today so Glenn can start working on your case right away. We can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 631-539-1640, and our website is at KurtzrockLaw.com. Our reasonable rates and payment plans ensure that everyone can get quality and aggressive legal representation.


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