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White Collar Crime Defense Attorney in Long Island and New York

What To Do If You’ve Been Arrested On Long Island For A White Collar Crime


There are a variety of criminal charges which can be loosely grouped into the category of “White Collar” crimes.  When we talk about White Collar crimes, we are generally talking about criminal acts involving financially motivated non-violent crimes, usually committed by individuals who are relatively wealthy or at the very least middle class or higher.   White Collar crimes include charges involving insurance fraud, mortgage fraud, welfare fraud, embezzlement, etc.

While these are non-violent crimes, many of them are felonies and therefore should be taken very seriously.  Some of these crimes tend to generate a lot of media interest and become very high profile.  It’s very important to find an attorney who is familiar with these types of charges who can not only help you stay out of prison, but also help you maintain your reputation in the community.

These cases tend to be very document-intensive, and require a detailed analysis of the evidence the prosecution intends to introduce at trial.  Often, the services of a forensic accountant or similar expert is necessary to ensure a full understanding of the prosecution’s case.

If you’ve been charged with any type of White Collar crime, you must find an experienced defense attorney to protect your rights.  A good attorney will try to have you released on your recognizance, or to have bail set in an amount that you can afford.  He will analyze the paper trail to see if it really shows what the prosecution says it does.

Make sure you immediately contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to discuss your options.  As a prosecutor, Glenn Kurtzrock tried White Collar cases alongside violent felonies.  He believes there is no such thing as a small case, and he will take your case seriously.

Call for a free initial consultation today so Glenn can start working on your case right away. We can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 631-539-1640, and our website is at KurtzrockLaw.com.


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